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Iran has held several sculpture events before and after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Starting from 2007 Iran began coordinating sculpture symposiums to develop  modern sculpture processes drawing influence from artists around the world. Tehran has hosted five of the six symposiums to date and Kerman one, although there are continuing efforts to bring sculpture symposiums to other cities of Iran such as Esfehan, Shiraz, Tabriz, and Zahedan. This event has been a big accomplishment and a sign of the country's efforts towards the direction of consciousness and development in the art of sculpture. Still more time and opportunity is needed for Iranian sculptors to build experiences nationally and share works internationally. This includes praiseworthy representatives of the Iranian art community and international representation.
In 2007 a smaller event, under the influence of the first symposium,was held with seven sculptors starting a retreat in Jamshidiey mountains in the district of Tehran,   Sculptures were created out of wood and are currently visible to hikers passing through the mountain trails.

The third event in 2011 was a new era for Iranian sculture: being specialized in stonework.  Not having enough experience working with stone among our sculptors, and the need to develop and prepare an appropriate foundation for Iranian stonework, led into this third sculpture symposium. .

While a few people believed difficulties would limit the success of these ongoing symposiums, it has proven so successful its truly hard to imagine Iran without such events. These symposiums are encouraging signs of future success, promoting rich cultural diversity within Iran and international trade and tourism connecting Iran with the rest of the world. The resulting sculpture symposiums should continue to be accepted in Iran for good fortune for its effect on visual arts and hope, events like this will hopefully take place in several cities around Iran each year.

A quick look at the previous six sculpture symposiums in Tehran:

-The first sculpture symposium in Tehran (International)
Time:      February 2007
Place:      Chitgar Park
Total of sculptors:   32
Iranian Sculptors:     6
Foreign sculptures: 16
Material used:   wood, stone, metal. PVC

-The second sculpture symposium in Tehran (national)
Time:      October 2009
Place:      Barg gallery
Total of sculptors:   8
Material used:  metal

-The third sculpture symposium in Tehran (International)
Time:      October 2011
Place:    Milad Tower
Total of sculptors:   28
Iranian Sculptors:   13
Foreign sculptures:  5
sculpture students:  10
Material used:   travertine

-The fourth sculpture symposium in Tehran (International)
Time:      September 2012
Place:    Ghasr Museum
Total of sculptors:    32
Iranian Sculptors:    12
Foreign sculptures:    8
sculpture students:   12
Material used:    marble

-The fifth sculpture symposium in Tehran (International)
Time:      May 2013
Place:    Norouz park
Total of sculptors:   30
Iranian Sculptors:   13
Foreign sculptures:  7
sculpture students:  10
Material used:   Beech tree wood

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