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Selected sculpture in international part of 6th Tehran Intl. Sculpture Symposium

33 sculptors, including Iranian and foreign artists from around the globe, have been selected to participate in the 6th edition of Tehran International Sculpture Symposium, said Seyyed Mojtaba Mousavi, the secretary of the Symposium.

"In this edition of the symposium, 75 Iranian sculptors and 173 foreign sculptors registered for the main section of the symposium and the select council of the symposium finally selected 11 Iranian sculptors and 12 foreign sculptors after studying their proposed designs which had been sent to the secretariat of the symposium," said Mousavi.

Ehsan Tousi, Leila Shahmohammadi, Hassan (Shahriar Rezaei, Mohammad Beikzadeh, Hadis Kamasi, Ali Khataee Ilkhchi, Gholam Reza Aqababaee, Kambiz Hoursan Behnam Akharbin, Ali Reza Rezaee, and Hamzeh Heirdari far are the 11 Iranian artists who will compete in the main section of the symposium.

Ranaldi Alessio from Italy, Antonis Myrodias from Greece, Carlos Sanchez from Mexico, Dumitru Serban from Romania, Georgi Georgiev from Bulgaria, Guler Gungorgen from Turkey, Jose Carlos Millan from Spain, Manuel Diaz Castedo from Spain, Qian Sihua from China, Renate Lucienne from Belgium, Teng Chi from Taiwan and Volker Schnüttgen from Germany are the International sculptors taking part in the 6th edition of Tehran International Sculpture Symposium.

Also , the select council of the symposium chose 10 young sculptors from among 43 artists registered for the student section of the symposium. Parisa Haqiri, Zinat al-Sama Arsiyan, Hossein Kahfi, Ali Reza Barzegar, Niloofar Nazari, Moslem Salar Mohammadi, Saeed Mahmoudi, Shima Tajbakhsh, Ramin Akbar and Marziyeh Darbanian are the 10 artists who will take part in the student section of the 6th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium.

Like previous editions of the symposium, 23 art students will work as assistants to the sculptors vying in the main part of the symposium.

Iraj Mohammadi, Hamid Shans, Qodratollah Memariyan, Mohamma Reza Zabihzadeh, and Mohammad Reza Yazdi were the members of the select council of the symposium.

The 6th edition of Tehran International Sculpture Symposium will be held in September.

The artistic event was supposed to be held in April but it was postponed to the fact that more time was needed to make necessary legal arrangements for the presence of the foreign artists in Iran. He also said TBO will spare no efforts to promote the quality of the symposium which will kick off on September 14th.

The symposium will be held in main and student sections. It is mainly aimed at promoting sculpture art in Iran and softening urban space in Tehran through boosting artistic activities and generalizing aesthetic attitude in the society as well as paving the way for the transfer of knowledge and expertise among Iranian sculptors.

In the Competitive section, the jury panel will select three sculptures as the top works created in the symposium and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will respectively awarded 3500 US dollars, 3000 US dollars and 2500 US dollars respectively.

Also, each of the participants in the Competitive section will be given 2300 USD as well as a certificate of participation in the symposium.

Each artist in the Competitive section will be given at most a white travertine slab measuring roughly 100×150×300 centimeters. And the artists in the students' section will be given a white stone measuring roughly 50×50×150 centimeters.

Each artist will also be provided with a milling machine. Sculptors can also use their own tools.

Each sculptor can also have an assistant whom will be elected from sculpture students who have already registered in the symposium.

The Jury panel of the symposium will include 2 Iranian and one International judges.

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