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Call for the 6th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium

Organization of Tehran Beautification holds the 6th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium. Like the five previous courses, the 6th competitive sculpture symposium of Tehran is organized with the aim of promoting Iran’s contemporary sculpture art and stylizing Tehran’s public spaces. This is achieved by providing the necessary condition for emergence and evolution of the artistic creations, generalizing the aesthetic view in society, sharing experiences, information, skills on urban sculpturing among artists, and informing citizens about different stages of artistic works development. The symposium is supposed to be held from May 10, 2014 to June 2, 2014.


Symposium is held in two main and student segments:

Main Segment: The select Council of the symposium will select 12 Iranian and 12 foreign artists to take part in this segment.

Student Segment: The segment has been designed only for the fine art sculpture BA students who are experienced in stone carving. In total 10 students will compete in this segment.


Symposium Staff:

President: Dr. Seyed Muhammad JavadShoushtari

Secretary: SeyedMojtabaMousavi

Members of Policy Making Council: Dr. Seyed Muhammad JavadShoushtari, BarzinZarghami, SaeedShahlapur, SeyedMortezaNematollahi, SeyedMojtabaMousavi, Reza Gharabaghi, SahandHesamian

Advisors: EsfandiarMoradpur, Muhammad Reza Yazdi, MajidHaghighi, Mahdi Salahshur

Select Council: IrajMuhammadi, Hamid Shans, GhodratollahMemarianEsfahani, Muhammad Reza Zabihollah-zadeh, Muhammad Reza Yazdi

Judges: The judges are composed of two Iranian and one foreign member who will be announced before the symposium takes place.

Goals and Necessities: The current symposium will be held in order to introduce and promote innovative ideas and styles of stone carving performance, identifying and introducing sculptor artists who have worked to create such works, and encouraging the sculptor artists to design and develop stone sculptures. The symposium tries to pave the way for interested citizens and students to become acquainted with the artists and watch the works develop.


Terms of Participation

All volunteers must be experienced and skilful working with stones to implement their ideas personally during the symposium.

How to Participate: terms of Participation:

 Symposium applicants can fill in the application form in the  link . Each applicant must submit only one piece of original work, which has not been submitted anywhere else. Sculptures are to be crafted at this symposium and should be made on a 30*15*10 cm white stone as a replica. Images from this replica should then be taken from different angles (DPI 300/ JPG format).


The selected artists will submit the replicas to the symposium’s secretariat during the symposium.

Registration Deadline: Those willing to participate must submit their application forms from 21st January to 4th February 2014 to Symposium's office. Chosen artists will be announced after 10 days from the registration deadline through our website and news agencies.

Selection Process: Artists will be selected based on the received images by the Symposium’s secretariat and their working background.

The selected replicas reaching the executive segment of the symposium will belong to the secretariat.

Raw Materials:

Each artist is given a white travertine stone with 300*150*100 cm.

Construction items:

Besides mentioned travertine stone, the symposium is committed to supply a milling machine and mini milling machine (available on the domestic market) to each artist. Artists can bring other tools and devices as required.

Tools available in the Symposium’s workshop: A drill and crane for moving in the workshop area.

-         Each artist will be provided with an assistant, selected from BA students in the sculpture discipline. The artist will be responsible for implementing the work and students are only for assisting purpose.

-         A set of overalls, safety shoes, glasses and gloves will be available to both artists and assistants during the symposium.

Symposium’s Gift to Artists:

A gift of US$2300.00 is paid to the selected artists for participation.

All the expenses of Visa, air tickets, accommodation of the artists will be paid by the organizers of the Tehran sculpture symposium.

A participation certificate will also be awarded to all participants.

Awards: For the main segment, three works will be selected by judges to reach competition finals. The finalists will be awarded the following:

  • ·An honorary diploma and 3500 USD for the first work.
  • ·An honorary diploma and 3000 USD for the second work.
  • ·An honorary diploma and 2500 USD for the third work.
  • ·Miscellaneous


1. Artists who fail to complete their works for personal reasons or within the specified time limit will not be awarded a cash gift.

2. Symposium’s working hours are 08:00-18:00, working outside these hours is not permitted. Respecting the symposium’s general workshop regulations by the artists and their assistants is necessary.

3. Both artists and their assistants need to observe the safety guidelines while working in the symposium workshop. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including helmets, gloves, overalls, and safety glasses provided to participants and their assistance are required to be worn properly to be covered by workplace insurance. Artists and their assistants will be personally responsible for any harm caused by breaching any of the general workshop safety guidelines.

4. All works developed during the symposium’s workshop will belong to the Tehran Municipality. Rights are reserved for the secretariat for use including but not limited to: images in website, brochures, and catalogues etc.

5. Weather condition will not affect the specified symposium dates.

6. The Secretariat has the right to make decisions for any special circumstances outside the symposium’s standards.


Secretariat address: Tehran Sculpture Activities Center, East ShahidJamali St., ShahidVafamaneshSst., Heravi Sq., Pasdaran, Tehran, Iran.

Tel and Fax: (+9821) 22969742



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